Best Rocker Bottom Shoes Review

“London, 1952. A great fog invades the city. The burnt fuel smoke weighs on the air and pollutes the atmosphere under a chilling cold that makes the atmosphere even denser between humidity and humidity. Under the gray mantle of the post-war the working class suffers the harsh working conditions of heavy industry. The factory rules, the streets cut, the cinemas closed. It is not possible to see beyond the corner of the street. Panic and bewilderment invade London. Silence reigns in front of the worst phenomenon of air pollution in European history.

In the distance, they break a few steps at the end of the passage. A few steps in a group, the ghost of the mist appears from the dense gray cloud. The silhouette of a youth band and the stigma of war show his face. It’s the Teddy boys. The reaction, the revenge of young people, the effects of too much time of silence. Pompadour, narrow pants, rocker bottom shoes, vests and jackets with velvet embroidery. No one imagined it, but a subculture invaded the streets of London between pollution and darkness. “ - Chopper Monster

The Origin

The origin of the rocker bottom shoes seems to be of consensus. They were used for the very first time in England. It was a part of the official uniform of the British Army stationed in the North African bases during the Second World War.

It’s peculiarity lies in it’s tall and thick sole. It’s function was to isolate the foot from the hot African soil and protecting the soldiers from possible mine explosions.

After the war, some British soldiers decided to wear these fat-soled war shoes to publicize their seniority, and gradually, the rocker bottoms, previously known as Brothel Creepers, started delving into the youths of Soho and King Cross of London.

Rocker Bottom Shoes

The footwear crossed the area of ​​combat and started appearing in the streets of London, and that transformation went through the hand of George Hamilton Cox. In 1949, he became the first manufacturer of rocker bottom shoes of urban style. It became such a footwear that would travel all over the world, transcending the temporal barrier of the 21st century.

Difference Between Running and Rocker Bottom Shoes

The main difference between running shoes and rocker bottom shoes lies in its level of comfort. The laces are sewn under the front of the shoe. Even if you pull the string, the sides will stay in place, tightly secured with a seam. Low shoes with closed lacing helps to cross a mountain even with smoothness. The fat sloes give an added comfort if you’re suffering from muscle pain.

Therapeutic EFFECTS OF using Rocker Bottom Shoes

When we put on regular high heel shoes, your foot remains a little destabilized. This affects the core and gluteus muscles of our legs. With rocker bottom shoes, your foot remains ideally positioned and the discomforts after long walk like lower back pain, muscle stressing don’t occur.

Best Rocker Sole shoes

Hoka Bondi 5 Running Shoes-SS17

This shoe prioritizes the comfort of the user over everything else. Hoka Bondi 5 Running shoes are designed with good traction and grip that helps in running in hard and uneven terrain. The delegation of cushioning under the feet helps to minimize the effect of impact.

The mesh material used on the upper part of the shoe ensures that the airflow into the shoe is better. This in turn keeps the foot cool and dry.

The shoe also features an EVA midsole, an efficient cushioning made from premium material, a padded tongue and also a carved sole for a relaxing gait.

These shoes will definitely accompany you through the toughest and hardest concrete grounds. The midsole fabricated with lower heel-to-toe differential will help your foot to maintain the balance properly. This shoe is made of 3D lightweight technology and is best for hiking and mountaineering.

Skechers Women's Shape Ups 2.0 Comfort Stride Fashion Sneaker

Renowned for best comfort and support in the shoe business, the Skechers brand lives up to the expectations. This show is both comfortable and fashionable and is designed for both male and female.

The shoe has several amazing features:

  • Textured mesh fabric on the front and the side of the sneaker allows the foot to remain cool without considering the hours you’ve put it on . The perforations on the upper part of the shoe helps in the same.
  • A well –cushioned insole, the use of polyurethane frame for a good grip, a wedge soft foam midsole, and a sculpted rubber outsole adds an extra uniqueness and makes the shoe even more cozy.

New Balance Men's Suede 928v3

The Microfiber-Swathe EVA Footbed along with the fantastic collar gives the perfect ankle support.

It is made of 100% synthetic mesh material that makes it quite flexible.

The outsole is made of rubber. This helps in adding a solid grip on slippery surfaces.

The toe box of the shoe ensures the comfort of the wearer while performing several activities including walking. jogging and more.

Altra Women's Olympus 2 Trail Running Shoe

Altra Women’s Olympus is designed to tackle every terrain, be it riverbeds or mountains.

  • The Altra Women’s Olympus 2 Trail Running shoe has wide toe boxes providing access to everyone.
  • The outsole of the shoe is made of rubber. This gives it a unique design and perfect grip on slippery and flat surfaces.
  • Apart from the trail-running feature, this shoe comes with 5mm contoured foot bed, 36mm stack height and padded collar. It is designed to ensure comfort to the maximum level.
  • The EVA midsole provide extra coziness and acts as a pain reliever.
  • The Vibram outsole allows a firm footing on the trails.

MBT Men's Ajabu Oxford

Representing Masai Barefoot technology, the MBT brand has always been at the frontline of rocker bottom shoe production. Their innovation and design includes exceptional features that help to ease out even painful foot conditions.

  • For durability, The MBT Men’s Ajabu Oxford is designed with full grain and split leather.
  • The 3D mesh lines in the interior help to keep the feet dry and cool.
  • The multilayered curved sole adds the extra cushioning. This makes it more comfortable for walking.
  • To add compactness and durability, MBT Men’s Ajabu Oxford comes with a midsole of dual density made from glass fibres, TPU, and nylon.

Keeping in mind all the unique factors, the MBT Men’s Ajabu Oxford definitely owns the first place when it comes to the matter of comfort, durability, and stability.

Final Thoughts

Hope this article helps you understand more about rocker bottom shoes. If you are searching a permanent relief from those stubborn pains and discomforts after a long walk or enhanced our of standing, you can definitely opt out these extraordinary shoes.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your pairs of rocker bottom shoes today and say a goodbye to joint and muscle pains caused by over exercising of the foot.

Reviewer: John Taylor

Best Rocker Bottom Shoes Review

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