Powerbeats 3 vs Airpods vs Powerbeats Pro

When it comes to cool wireless earbuds, people always compare Powerbeats with Airpods. Both of them are created by Apple. Most of the people are confused between these two and couldn’t find which one you should purchase. Therefore, here is a detailed comparison of both of your favorite sound devices.

Powerbeats 3 vs Airpods 2 vs Powerbeats Pro

Airpods vs Powerbeats Pro

Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones

Powerbeats are the best when it comes to sound quality. It is one of the devices that you can use if you want superb sound quality. Along with this, if you want something at an affordable rate, you can go with this device.

  • The sound quality is amazing and you will get the best sound quality.
  • Longer battery life compared to other
  • There are different sizes available that you can choose
  • The appearance is not quite as good as Airpods.
  • It has wire attached to each earbud

Apple AirPods with Charging Case

As we already mentioned, Airpods are best if you want something that you want to use in the workplace. The main advantage here is because it will automatically charge and you can do your work. However, the new latest Airpods has everything you need starting from 5 hours long battery life and also 24 hours charging case.

  • There are no ear hooks
  • The design is cool and slick
  • It has wireless charging options that you can use to charge Airpods.
  • There is no noise canceling
  • The size might not fit for some people

Powerbeats Pro Totally Wireless Earphones

Whereas on the other side, we have Powerbeats pro. It is made with the same H1 chip that you will find in the second generation Airpods. It has lately gained popularity in many areas. People have been comparing Powerbeats pro along with Airpods. In terms of paring the Powerbeats Pro, You will have the same user experience as you have in Airpods.

  • Longer battery life and longer duration - 9 hours of listening time
  • Great sound isolation
  • Great fit for sport lovers
  • Sweat and water resistant
  • Use same lightning cable as Airpods
  • The case is too big. Difficult to carry it everywhere
  • The design is not as slick
  • Expensive

Final Thoughts

There is no winner here. Both of the devices or I should say all them are too good. After all they are all Apple’s products. You can go with Powerbeats pro if you are using the sounds more in Gym and similar places. Whereas, if you want to use it at work, you can use the Apple Airpods. This is because you can use it anywhere while working as it works well with one bud. Moreover, you can keep the other one on charging when you are using the first one. Therefore, if you have more professional use as compared to entertainment, you can go with Airpods.

By the way, did you know that you can connect airpods to your PS4 or XBox One?

Reviewer: John Taylor

Powerbeats 3 vs Airpods vs Powerbeats Pro

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