The Palladium Boots Review In 2018

If you are a retro fans who is looking for a pair of fashion boot, you must own a pair of Palladium boots.

In 1920, Palladium was founded in Lyon, France. It is known for making durable tires for fighter jets. But in 1947, the French Army asked Palladium to develop the first pair of Pampa Boots for combat in desert. Because of its durability and wearing comfort, it became the preferred boot for many mercenary groups. The boots were better suited for the north Africa climate than leather boots.


In the 1990s, on the basis of retaining the once classic design elements, combining modern manufacturing techniques, using high-quality materials and cutting-edge design, the new Palladium boots have become a representative of multi-purpose practical boots and a popular indicator of minimalist style in Europe and America. Simple and versatile shape design, coupled with comfortable, wear-resistant, waterproof, warm product features to meet your various needs.



1. Palladium Boots Mens Baggy Canvas Boots

The Canvas series is made of high quality heavy cotton cloth. The clean color lines reveal a sturdy style. It presents an amazing French retro flavor in this boots.

2. Palladium Women's Baggy Combat Boot

Who says that the military boots are only for boys? The boots also suitable for girls, whether with trousers or swaying skirts, this boots can help you manage easily.

Final Thoughts

The Palladium boots used materials there were really tough, it is more likely that your feet would wear out before your boots would! If you are looking for stylish and durable boots, Palladium is what you are looking for.

Where to Buy

Model Price Rating
Palladium Boots Mens Baggy Canvas Boots $46.99 4.5 Detail
Palladium Women's Baggy Combat Boot $44.95 5.0 Detail
Reviewer: Guo Huang

The Palladium Boots Review In 2018


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