WWDC 2018 iPad Pro Rumors

On March 28, 2018, Apple introduced a new iPad at this year’s first new product launch. It not only supports Apple Pencil, but also upgrades the more powerful chips.

This update has made the gap between the new iPad and the existing iPad Pro even smaller. Does this mean that in 2018 Apple will want to continue to maintain a product matrix such as the new iPad and the existing iPad Pro? Of course not. Although Apple has not announced any new products yet, it is reported that a new iPad Pro will be unveiled at the WWDC 2018 Conference in San Jose, United States, two months later.

2018 iPad Pro

Based on existing rumors, Apple seems to intend to redefine the iPad Pro product line and try to prove that it has higher value than the 2018 iPad. In this article, we will talke about some apple rumors regarding to the 2018 iPad Pro, let’s see if these rumors can meet your expectations.

1. Home Button & Face ID

When Apple introduced a number of innovative features at the Apple conference last fall, many people speculated that there may be some features that will soon be applied to the new iPad. We expect Apple will launch an iPad product equipped with a TrueDepth camera module. Tech blogger John Gruber, he had already claimed that Apple had decided to abandon Touch ID from a year ago and turned to the development of “Face ID” comprehensively.

2018 iPad Pro

Meanwhile, the 2018 iPad will still use Touch ID, but the upcoming iPad Pro will probably use “Face ID”. “Face ID” will replace Touch ID as a new way to unlock and pay in iPad Pro. As a result, iPad Pro is likely to let the physical home button disappear. This may be the biggest change in design since the advent of iPad. The shape of the new iPad Pro will be similar to the iPhone X, with narrower screen frame and bigger screen real estate.

2. OLED Screen

The 2018 iPad Pro may not use OLED Screen. Some people familiar with the supply chain believe that due to technical constraints, the current large-scale production capacity of OLED panels can not meet the needs of the new iPad, Apple’s OLED screen suppliers are working hard to increase productivity. Even Samsung’s tablets only some products use AMOLED displays. It is not easy to increase production capacity in a very short period of time.

2018 iPad Pro

At the same time, such a large-size OLED screen is bound to increase hardware costs, which will undoubtedly increase the price of the new iPad Pro. This is also the same reason as the current notebook computers with OLED screens are still very rare. As a result, the 2018 iPad Pro equipped with “Face ID” is likely to continue to use LCD screens, instead of following the iPhone X’s use of flexible OLED.

3. Will the new iPad Pro have notch?

At this stage, there is still no news that the new iPad Pro will retain the ridiculous notch on the top of the screen like the iPhone X. Do you prefer to have the notch or not? Please leave a comment down below, I personally don’t like the notch.

2018 iPad Pro

4. A11 or A11X Chips

Considering that the iPhone X and iPhone 8 series models released last fall are already equipped with the A11 chip, and the new iPhone product has a great chance to carry the new A12 chip in September, so the 2018 iPad Pro will carry at least the A11 or The A11X chip.

5. Wireless Charging

There are rumors that this new iPad Pro may not support wireless charging like the iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods.

Sources said that as long as the new iPad Pro still uses a metal body design, wireless charging is unlikely to be updated on the new iPad Pro.

2018 iPad Pro

6. iPad Mini

There are rumors that the iPad Mini product line will be discontinued. I personally use the iPad Mini daily, I think it is a good size, I will be sad if Apple stop this product line.

With Apple’s upcoming 6.5-inch screen iPhone X in September this year (rumor), a 7.9-inch screen iPad Mini is less important than it used to be. In fact, Apple also seems to be paying less attention to the iPad Mini product line. Since the launch of the iPad Mini 4 in September 2015, the 6-year-old iPad Mini has not been updated by Apple for over 2 years!

Given that the current iPad Mini 4 is more expensive than the 2018 iPad (because the iPad Mini 4 is only sold with 128GB), but the 2018 iPad has larger screen, better performance and supports Apple Pencil. So, it make sense to stop the iPad mini product line.

2018 iPad Pro


The 2018 iPad Pro will lead a new round of new tablets design.

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WWDC 2018 iPad Pro Rumors

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