[Solved] How to Connect PS4/XBox Controller to Switch?

A few months ago, I wrote an article about connecting airpods to PlayStation 4 and Xbox one.

Today, I will talk about using your existing PlayStation or Xbox One controllers on Nintendo Switch! This adapter is an awesome alternative to the Nintendo Switch pro controller. This device works wonderfully. There is no input lag or control problems while using a PS4 controller on my Switch.

How To Pair PS4 Controller to Switch

This little dongle is magical, it is specifically designed for Nintendo Switch. Just follow these simple 6 steps to get connected.

  1. Enable Pro Controller/Wired Controller in the settings on the Switch.

  2. Plug adapter into console

  3. Press POWER to turn on your controller.

  4. Press both PAIR buttons on the receiver and controller to sync them.

  5. Both LEDs on the receiver and controller will become solid when they are successfully paired.

  6. Hold Left on DPAD and Select for 3 seconds, Receiver blinks and then becomes solid

Please note that you cannot connect more than one controller on the console. It ONLY supports one controller per USB adapter.

Another good reason to buy this dongle is you can use it on your PC, it will recognize your controller.


Can I use a ps4 controller on my switch? Yes

Can I use an Xbox controller on my switch? Yes

Can I use an Xbox controller on my PC? Yes

Can I connect multiple controllers to the switch? No

How many controllers can you use simultaneously connected to this adapter?

You can only use one controller with the adapter. However, if you have other controllers that organically work with the Switch (Joy-Cons, Pro-Controller) you can also use those for couch co-op or couch multiplayer games like Mario Kart.

Reviewer: Michael Craig

[Solved] How to Connect PS4/XBox Controller to Switch?

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