[Answered] Can I Connect Two Airpods To One iPhone?

The short answer is “No”, not at this moment. BUT, recently, the internet has rumors about Apple is planning to add some sharing features into the Airpods system. An iPhone will be able to accommodate and connect two sets of Bluetooth headsets, and then you can share music with friends!

This feature will most likely be announced in September this year. If this revolutionary plan is true, every time you use Airpods, you can bring four people and two machines to chat, which is definitely a very cool feature!

Since the first release of Airpods, it has once again changed everyone’s habit of enjoying music, making it an indispensable gadget for everyone. In order to provide a better listening experience, Apple is planning to improve the sharing of Airpods, allowing the iPhone to be equipped with two Bluetooth devices. Under the original one-to-one configuration system, Airpods is able to interface with the iPhone and provide stable performance.

By the way, did you know that you can connect airpods to your PS4 or XBox One?

Reviewer: Michael Craig

[Answered] Can I Connect Two Airpods To One iPhone?

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