Best Wireless Charger for Galaxy S8 (Feb. 2018)

Wireless charging has been in the market for a long time, but with the release of Galaxy S8, the iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus, Apple now supports Qi-based wireless inductive charging on its latest phones, and that means wireless charger will be a popular accessory for iPhone owners. With so many wireless chargers in the market, how to choose the best wireless charging pads? After trying out Wireless Charger, you maybe wonder “it is so simple!” or “how did I go without wireless charging?”. Needless to say, Wireless Charger will make your desktop clean. If you want to figure out what wireless charging is and you want to find out the best wireless charger for Galaxy S8, keep reading!

Wireless Charging Standard & Principle

There are multiple wireless charging standards, but with Apple supporting Qi with the lasting iPhone, other standards are essentially dead, needless to say: Qi is the future of wireless charging. In addition most of Android supports Qi too, so this time Apple and Android are using the same standard.

How Qi wireless charging technology works? The process is simple: electric - Magnetic - Electricity, look at the figure below.

How Qi wireless charging technology works

Qi is a simple and low cost technology, but the shortcoming is the mobile have to keep close to the wireless charging pads.

However, iPhone X/8/8 Plus support quick-charging speeds with up to 7.5W of power, but you have to use a wireless charger authorized by Apple, and you can also wait for its own AirPower wireless charger.

The Factors We Considered

  1. Certified by the WPC: Wireless Power Consortium has been leading the way in wireless charging with an open standard for all, since 2008. WPC certified products also means that a charger has been tested and found to be both safe and in compliance with the Qi standard.
  2. Charging speed: The Qi 1.2 standard support charging speeds of up to 15 W, but 5 W and 7.5 W chargers are more common, and the new iPhones are only support max up to 7.5 W fast charging, after iOS 11.2 released.
  3. Design: Someone maybe think it’s useless for a product, but i think design is not only how the wireless charger looks, but also the functions, such as charging-indicator lights.
  4. Maker: No one can guarantee their products always work well, but good companies will give their customs best warranty and support.

Stop talking useless, here are our choice for best wireless chargers.

Fast Wireless Charger

1. Belkin BOOST UP 7.5-Watt Wireless Charging Pad / Wireless Charger

Since Apple haven't release their "AirPower", they recommend two Wireless Chargers, and Belkin Wireless Charger is one of them.

Belkin is an famous American manufacturer of consumer electronics that specializes in connectivity devices (From wiki). That's why they becomes the supplier of Apple. For the Wireless Charger, the biggest feature is wireless 7.5W fast charging output is optimized for iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, & iPhone X. And it support up to 3 years of protection after you register your charging pad at

In 2018, Belkin launched more new products in CES, we put it together, you can esaily compared in the following picture. E.g. up to 10W Wireless Charging stand, Wireless Charging pad, and Dual wireless charging pads like AirPower.

  • Better optimize for iPhone 8 (Plus) and iPhone X
  • Support Fast Charging, max up to 7.5W
  • White color, Apple's style.
  • A little expensive

2. Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charging Convertible Stand

Since Samsung has support wireless charging from S6, this is the Fourth Generation wireless charger. Samsung has a wealth of experience in wireless charging. Needless to say, in the field of smartphones, as the second largest smartphones maker, they have enough data and experience to improve their products. In addition, Samsung is also a member of WPC. After a simple understanding, let's check out the features of this wireless charger.

Fast Charge: It's up to 9W wireless Fast Charge on select smartphones. For iphone with the iOS 11.2 update up to 7.5W for fast charging.

Design: it's Convertible Stand design, is very creative and convenience.

  • Fast Charge, up to 9W and suit for most Android and last iPhone.
  • Convertible Stand, easily convert from a pad to a stand.
  • It's pricey

3. Anker Wireless Charger Charging Pad

Anker is a new company, at the beginning it is mainly used to produce portable charger. With the development of company, Wireless Charger is also one of a main product of it.

For the design: it is not special, but there are still some people love it. A circle of non-disruptive breathing effect LED can quickly show charging status. Not a circular design can considered a feature.

Fast Charge: it has a Fast Charge Mode enables wireless charging up to 2X faster. Normal Charge Mode for Nexus 5/6/7, iPhone 8 (Plus), iPhone X, but only Fast Charing for Galaxy S8/ S8+ S7 edge / S6 edge+, and Note 5 (please according to the instructions). Its price is only half Apple's recommendations.

  • it has a slim design
  • Acceptable Price, only half of Apple recommendations
  • Without a USB wall plug

Final Thoughts

If you are iPhone user and perfectionist, Belkin and mophie are the only choice for you until now. If you want a lower price you can choice Anker. In addition, Samsung is more expensive, but I like its design and the wireless charging technology is better than the others.

Reviewer: Jason Lee

Best Wireless Charger for Galaxy S8 (Feb. 2018)


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