Best Cheap Running Shoes 2018

If you’re not much of a gym freak but still like to stay fit and active, then running is the perfect option for you. But you need two things to enjoy a long and tiring run; motivation and a good pair of running shoes. A good pair of running shoes should be comfortable, secure and last longer than an average day-to-day wear sneaker. This does not mean that a pair of decent running shoes should cost you hundreds of dollars.

Before showing the list of running shoes, do you know there are many foot arches? If you want to pick up the best running shoes, the most important thing to know is the type of arch you have. Please checkout our article about: How to choose the best running shoes.

Here we have penned down our review on some of the best running shoes you can get your hands on for less than $100.

6 Best Running Shoes Under $100

1. Nike Men’s Free Run 2018

Price: $90

If you’re looking for a well-cushioned, light-weight and water-resistant shoe, then Nike Men’s Free Run 2018 is your best option. It comes with a super soft and breathable insole that makes your feet feel landing on a cloud and allows proper air circulation to keep your feet fresh and dry throughout running. The mesh on the upper body provides breathability as well as stretchiness for a more comfortable and secure fit.

The highly reliable rubber outsole can withstand wear and tear even on tough terrains and the water-resistance protects your shoes even when you run during rain or in waterlogged areas. This shoe does not carry any extra weight so your feet won’t feel dragged. Choose yours now from a wide range of stylish and amazing designs.

2. ASICS Men’s Gel Kenun

Price: $85

ASICS Gel Kenun is designed with a Rearfoot Gel cushioning technology for a minimum shock impact on both your feet and the shoe and a maximum level of comfort while running. It provides an extra support and plush comfort to your heel for reduced chances of injuries. Its midsole is created with an advanced “Guidance Line” technology that provides extra cushioning to the underfoot for an improved gait and a smooth run. The inner sole and upper body, both are highly moisture absorbent and allow maximum breathability.

The shoe design is kept simple without any fancy seams and stitches for a secure fit and less impact of friction. If you want a fine-quality running shoe that should last a lifetime, then this should be your pick.

3. New Balance Fresh Foam Cruz 2

Price: $64

New Balance Fresh Foam Cruz 2 is not just famous for its high performance and comfort but for its stylish outlook and a sleek design that any gentleman would love to have in his running shoes. These shoes are extremely light-weight and the Fresh Foam technology provides super comfort and support to the midsole and heel. The insole is stretchable and padded to allow a secure and comfortable fit and making more room for your injured or cramped feet. The upper body consists of a knit mesh material which is very soft to touch and allows air circulation for all-day dry feet.

The high-quality rubber outsole is anti-slippery and anti-friction which makes the shoes desirable for areas having less traction and coarse surfaces. Without any question, these shoes are top-notch in high performance, comfort and reliability.

4. Under Armour Men’s Micro G Assert 6

Price: $69.99

This shoe can be considered as your “basic” high-performance go-to shoe suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities. Its design is considered unique to other traditional running shoes because of a leather overlay to give your foot a firm grip. The upper fabric is of high quality and well knitted mesh that provides extreme air circulation to keep your feet cool and dry. These shoes also have a quick-dry feature which makes your shoe’s inner and outer dry quickly even when you run during the rain.

The Micro G insole cushioning together with the super soft EVA foam lining provide a custom fit and additional comfort to the areas most needed. You can run for long hours on rough terrains and your feet won’t feel a thing. The curved rubber outsole provides maximum traction on any surface and increases the lifespan of your shoe.

5. ASICS Gel-Venture 6

Price: $52.44

No matter what design or style you pick, the ASCIS gel range shoes are considered one of the best overall running and outdoor activity shoes because of their rearfoot get heel support. The ASICS gel venture 6 is one of the best shoes on the list with more features and less price. The gel technology is a great option for runners who’ve had injuries in the past and require less impact on their feet. This shoe is a powerhouse from landings to push due to its shock absorbing properties. The insole has a removable sock liner that provides great comfort and can be washed for a fresh feel for every new run.

Like every ASICS shoe, this shoe is also knitted with a high breathable upper body mesh for preventing sweat and odor. The light-weight and patterned rubber outsole ensures tight grip with a smooth and skid-free running experience. These shoes are highly regarded for fitting true to their sizes.

6. adidas NEO Men’s Cloudfoam Race Running Shoe

Price: $68

The Adidas Neo Cloudfoam are regarded as one of the most durable and comfortable shoes for running. These shoes are super stylish and light-weight, making them a great choice for everyday casual use as well. These shoes are famous for their “cloud-like” feel – all credit goes to the Cloudfoam technology used in the heels to provide maximum support, better fit and less friction that’ll not cause stress on your feet. Besides, amazing comfort these shoes are well-known in runners for their durability.

You can do long runs and hard-core training sessions, but these shoes will not hold on a scratch for a long time. The upper body is made of a narrow-knitted mesh offering high breathability to keep your feet cool and comfortable. With so many classy designs and amazing colors to choose from, these shoes are an excellent choice for any runner.


If you’re looking for a decent and affordable pair of running shoes that doesn’t worn out after a year or two, then you should definitely consider one of the above-mentioned shoes. All these are high performance, comfortable and long-lasting shoes that will not disappoint you.

Reviewer: Agelina Smith

Best Cheap Running Shoes 2018

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