Best Red Wing Work Boots

From college students to retired military personnel, Red Wing boots never go out of style. They’re regarded as one of the best work boots offering comfort and functionality at the same time. Their sturdy and versatile design is loved by men of all ages and all walks of life. And the best thing about them – after walking a few miles they get in better shape and probably last a lifetime.


Before getting into the review for the best red wing boots, let’s do a little background check. Red Wing was founded almost a century ago by Charles Beckman in Red Wing, Minnesota. Beckman was an ordinary salesman with the vision to make the best work boots for farmers, loggers and miners. Besides work boots, the company also manufactured boots for soldiers during WWI and II. After 100 years, the Red Wings are still tantamount to quality, style, durability and functionality.

Iron Ranger

If you’re considering buying a pair of robust and durable boots, then look out for a good pair of Red Wings from our review below.

Best Red Wing Boots

1. Red Wing Heritage Men’s Classic

Price: $245.00

Red Wing Heritage Classic features a timeless design built to last boots that may go back to family dynasties. The dense and robust sole of this shoe is seamlessly built, perfect for maximum traction on contoured and rough terrains. The soft inner as well as the well-built outer offers sufficient support from the heel to the toe. The triple stitching design on the upper body and the water-resistance of the shoe provides extra durability.

Being sturdy in design, they are surprisingly light-weight and the wide range of colors and design makes them very stylish for different jobs. This particular shoe range is notorious for being hard on the feet for the first few weeks but once you get used to them, they’re the most comfortable shoes easily adjusting to your feet’s unique shape.

2. Red Wing Men’s Iron Ranger Boot

Price: $240.00

This shoe was originally named as an iron ranger after the iron miners of northern Minnesota because of its symbolic robustness and the double-layer toe design that offered extra protection to the Mesabi Iron Range workers. Today it’s classic design is not just popular among the iron miners but the handlers of the corporate world as well. It’s sleek leather design and detailed thread-work makes it one of the most loved Red Wings all of times.

The sole of Iron Ranger is not made of any traditional material such as rubber or leather, but a unique and durable material known as nitrile cork. It sheds water and oil and won’t crack or dry out offering resilience and a snug fit. Although the ruggedness of a Red Wing expresses quality and endlessness, a nice coat of chrome polish gives them a new and elegant look.

For a detailed review about the Iron Ranger vs Beckman Boot, check out our article Best Vintage Boot - Red Wing Beckman vs Iron Ranger.

3. Red Wing Heritage Men’s Beckman Round Boot

Price: $252.00

Termed as the gentleman’s boot – Beckman comes with a classy design and a formal look any impresario would love having in his boots. These shoes are named after the founder of Red Wing, Charles Beckman himself and pretty much explains the passion and hard work Beckman put in designing and manufacturing these boots. The classic round toe and the Cigar Featherstone polished leather creates a tremendously sophisticated combination that pairs really well with most outfits.

Wear them with your usual jeans with a leather jacket or with a wool suit topped with a navy overcoat for a more professional attire. Apart from the looks of these shoes, they feature triple stitching design and water-resistance for absolute durability and a highly cushioned Vibram Roccia insole that provides proper fit and comfort. For a detailed review about the Iron Ranger vs Beckman Boot, check out our article Best Vintage Boot - Red Wing Beckman vs Iron Ranger.

4. Red Wing Heritage Men’s Work Chukka

Price: $193.99

The Red Wing Classic Work Chukka is a high-quality work boot designed especially with a casual outlook. It has a shorter shaft than the other Red Wings offering less support to the ankles but more comfort to the feet. This particular design makes it a more fitting choice for office work and business meetings rather than working in harsher environments that depict chances of feet injuries such as mining or working in a factory. Nevertheless, it features the same quality and robust built as any other ruggedly designed Red Wing.

The nifty chukka silhouette of the shoe is crafted with a leather cushioning, which provides great comfort while keeping the wearer’s feet dry and fresh all day. So, whether it’s a presentation in front of your boss or a night out with your boys, the classic chukka’s versatile design will definitely make you buy this.

5. Irish Setter Men’s 83605 Work Boot

Price: $126.95

If you’re an outdoor person who likes to go on spontaneous adventures and thrills, then the Red Wing Irish Settler is a perfect choice for you. Apart from its audacious outlook, the Trout Brook leather and detailed stitching offers the robustness and durability it depicts. The electrical hazard protective sole and heel built ensures less chances of hazards due to interaction of the outsole with open electrical wires or circuits. This feature makes them a good option for working on construction sites or factories.

It also features heat-resistant outsoles that can withstand almost 475 degrees Fahrenheit of heat, making a great option for your next desert safari. If you’re looking for a comfortable but rugged boot that can easily withstand outdoor environments, then there’s no better selection than the Irish Settler.

6. Red Wing Heritage Men's Moc Boot

Price: $270.00

The Classic Heritage 8-inch Moc is another timeless design manufactured by Red Wing. Tall, robust and versatile – the premium design of this shoe has been the same since 1950’s making it all the more reason for it to be loved by old retired people and enthusiastic young men alike. The high leather upper in a striking tan hue, mounted on a soft but thick sole, looks extremely appealing while offering greater arch support on the foot and ankle.

The strong built of this shoe makes it ideal for any outdoor activity including hunting, hiking or working for long outdoor hours. As they’re ankle high boots, so they will feel a little uncomfortable initially both from inwards and outwards. Wearing them for a week or two and apply boot wax/conditioner every weekend can solve this issue.

Red Wing Boots Fitting

A new pair of Red Wing boots should fit comfortably tight on your foot, with enough room to freely wiggle your toes. Over time the full grain leather upper, leather footboard and cork midsole mold to your feet, creating an enduring and customized fit over time with each wear.

Many customers said Red Wing boots are half size down from the normal size. Red Wings are noted for being long and narrow. For example, If you normally wear 8D, 7.5 should fit very well. Like any other leather boots, it take some times to break in. This boots maybe a little uncomfortable in the beginning, it need a few days(or even a month) of continuous wear before it begin to mold to your feet. This is the nature of the high quality leather. If you want a boot to be tough enough to last a lifetime, they won’t be as soft and cushy as a sneaker right out of the box.

Red Wing Boots Leather Maintenance

Red Wing uses high quality leather. If properly maintained, it is not a problem to wearing the shoes for 20 years at all. For better maintenance, you must first know the leather surface of the shoes. Red Wing is mainly using three kinds of leathers, namely Oil-tanned leather, Smooth-finished leather and Roughout leather.

Cleaning is pretty easy for Oil-tanned leather and Smooth-finished leather. Simply use a brush to remove the dust and sand from the leather, then wipe it off with a towel. If you accidentally get stains on your boots, you should use some special cleaning products, such as Red Wing’s official leather cleaner. Wipe the surface of the stain with a towel or cotton pad.

For Roughout leather, cleaning is all about brushing. Carefully brush in one direction as much as possible to carefully remove dirt from the upper.

For stains, you can use a soft towel with the warm water, rub the stain area gently. The following picture is the special brush for the Roughout leather recommended by the official website.

After cleaning your boots need protection, I recommend this Protector Spray. It prevents water, salt and other elements from penetrating the surface where they can be wiped away instead of soaking into the leather’s pores and fibers. It contains no silicone and is recommended for Oil-Tanned, Smooth-Finished and Roughout leathers. If you take care of your Red Wing boots, you can really wear for 20 years!

Cleaner / Protector
Item Price
Red Wing Heritage Foam Leather Cleaner $13.99 Detail
Red Wing Heritage Oil-Tanned Leather Care $39.99 Detail
Red Wing Heritage Leather Protector $8.99 Detail
Red Wing Men's Nubuck And Suede Cleaner $15.99 Detail


Red wing boots have been made to last long while ensuring comfort since long, if you’re looking for a pair of Red Wings worth your hard-earned money, then explore any of the above mentioned boots and see what best fits your needs.

From the Iron Ranger to Beckman to Chukka to the Irish Settler, there’s one Red Wing for every type of person. All the boots that we’ve mentioned in our review have been well-known for their performance, comfort and durability.

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Reviewer: Agelina Smith

Best Red Wing Work Boots

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