Best Pandora Bracelets For Bridesmaids

A customized piece of jewelry is a symbol of great worth and sentiment, and this is what Pandora’s mission is. Pandora has been offering women across the world a place to buy high quality, hand-finished, contemporary and genuine jewelry products at reasonable prices since 2000. These unique, hand-crafted and personalized pieces inspire women to express their individuality and stand out in the crowd.

Every woman has an individual story to tell – a personal collection of their life-long journey and special moments that defines who they are and what they have gone through in life. These unforgettable moments can be cherished and preserved forever with a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Pandora happen to have a mesmerizing collection of bracelets that can be worn by women of any age. They make a beautiful sentimental gift that you can give to your wife, mother, daughter, sister, or even your best friend. Gifting your loved ones something unique and artistic indicates that you put an effort in purchasing the gift and you really love the person with all your heart. And what better gift can be given than a beautiful Pandora bracelet that can be worn all the time.

These bracelets are pretty strong, so you don’t have to worry about breaking one easily. Handled with care, one bracelet can even last a lifetime! The strength of the Pandora bracelet lies in the detailed design, good quality, and unique patented threading system.

Pandora bracelets are made in a number of materials such as sterling silver, gold and leather. In addition, you can choose your own chains and color cord styles of your bracelets as well. If we go in the details of making of these bracelets, each Pandora bracelet is divided into three segments by small threads. Add-ons include charms, clips, safety chains and spacers.

Pandora Charms

Every Pandora charm is made with interior threads, which allows for individual placement within any bracelet segment. There are currently over 800 different charms in the Pandora range, so you can add as many charms as you like. There is a diverse range of charms including 14K gold charms, sterling silver charms, silver and 14K gold two-tone charms, Rose gold charms and Murano glass charms etc.

Some of the most popular charms include:

  • Birthstone charms
  • Love charms
  • Disney charms
  • Animal and pet charms

You can choose those that truly express your own sense of style, individuality and creativity. Even if you’re gifting someone a Pandora bracelet with a few charms, there would always be room for them to add more charms of their liking so that their bracelet can grow over time expressing a long ride of love and sentiments.

Pandora Clips

To hold the charms in place, a pair clips are placed to stylishly cover the middle two threads. Clips look quite similar to charms and come in a choice of barrel and heart shapes. These clips spread the weight, provide steadiness to the bracelet and prevent any damage. These bracelets are strong, yet delicate, so they’re constantly at risk of stretching and being caught and pulled or snapped suddenly. Therefore, we strongly recommend using clips on these bracelets to prevent surplus wear and tear on the charms. To place your clips, insert your fingernail into the seam to pop it open. Then put the clip over the threaded areas on the bracelet and simply snap shut.

Pandora Safety chains

Besides the clip, Pandora bracelets also come with safety chains. These safety chains provide additional safety to your bracelet to protect your sentimental investment. In any event if the bracelet clip comes undone it should stop the bracelet from coming off your wrist and being lost. They are also sophisticated in design to easily blend in with your bracelets.

Pandora Spacers

Spacers can be used to fill any leftover spaces in your bracelet or to make your favorite charm stand out. Or if you’re wearing a classy all silver or gold bracelet, you can use spacers to add subtle pops of color to lift up your bracelet look.

Now the question is that what Pandora bracelets can do for you and why they’re so popular? Many people are cynical in purchasing a piece of jewelry that claims to deliver positivity among women. But the magic of this bracelet lies within each individual. What kind of charm you choose will leave a positive impact on your mind, unlocking your inner positivity and devotion. At Pandora, the charms are not just a piece of jewelry, but a starkly emotional symbol that links to milestones of your life and your wellbeing.

Moreover, Pandora bracelets help you keep track of every second of your life, including major accomplishments and special moments such as marriage (a mini bride and groom), travel destinations (a cruise ship) and spirituality (a Buddha, a peace sign). Even if you’ve gone through a major tough phase in your life, such as losing a loved one or a dear friend, you can wear this bracelet as a timeless memory to help you overcome the grief and suffering.

Pandora also offers beads and stones in their “Essence” collection. These stones are assigned to characteristics such as confidence, sensitivity, strength, wisdom, love etc. You can add all the stones to your bracelet that tell “your life story” or choose the stones that signify areas you would like to improve the most in your life.

These bracelets are affordable and have a long-life as compared to other expensive jewelry in the market and on top of that, they can be personalized which is Pandora’s biggest asset till date. Instead of getting already-made jewelry out of the shelves, people can build their own unique jewelry according to their taste and preference. How cool is that!

All these bracelets are hand-finished and made from genuine materials, including solid sterling silver and 14k gold, so you don’t have to worry about your investment going down the drain. They use a variety of gemstones, stones, cultured pearls and beads to add liveliness and color to their genuine silver and gold jewelry. They are long-lasting and super light in weight. Even after adding charms they do not put much weight on your wrist, so you can wear them easily without coming them in your way.

Although personalization is what make Pandora bracelets so lovable, we have listed some of the best seller bracelets and charms, so you can easily choose from those products high in demand to make your bracelets look even more beautiful and everlasting.

Best Pandora Bracelets Gift For Her

1. PANDORA Silver Charm Bracelet with Heart Clasp

Price: $54.95

This classic, patented sterling silver charm bracelet comes with an added romantic touch from a heart-shaped clasp. This perfect bracelet can be a wonderful gift to celebrate those precious times with your loved ones. It can be made more pleasant by adding your favorite charms. It has a sleek but robust design to last your timeless love over the years.

2. Pandora Women's Iconic Silver Charm Bracelet

Price: $56.95

This sterling silver charm bracelet is the most popular Pandora bracelet in the market right now. Its design comes with a traditional barrel charm clasp which is extremely easy to open and close. It has an innovative threading system which makes it easy to add charms onto your bracelet and keep them steadily where you want them. This bracelet makes the perfect style statement to start or add to your charm collection.

3. PANDORA Strand Sparkling Bracelet

Price: $43.88

This stunning bracelet designed with sterling silver is created with a new modern twist to the classic Pandora bracelet. This bracelet features cubic zirconia detailing for a more feminine touch and a chic gliding clasp that makes it easy to adjust to suit your wrist size and preferred styling. It will surely make an elegant piece in your jewelry collection without even adding any charms.

4. Sterling Silver Bracelet w/PANDORA Rose Heart Clasp 580719

Price: $69.90

The classic Pandora charm bracelet is updated with a romantic rose-colored heart clasp in PANDORA Rose™ collection. It has a seamless design which looks sophisticated in your wrists without any other piece of jewelry. You can create a dreamy look of your own by adding sweet heart charms and strengthen the bond of love between you and your partner.

5. PANDORA Sterling Silver Bangle with Bead Clasp 590713-19

Price: $53.50

This Pandora charm bangle bracelet has a whole, graceful, and modern look. It is made from sterling silver and has an engraved and solid Pandora clasp on it. Silver bangles are fashion statements that never go out of style. You can transform your bangle from a daytime office look to an evening party wear by adding your favorite sparkly charms. Pandora also makes them with a beautiful and shining rose gold and 14K gold clasp. These gold hues present a great color combination and versatility in your bracelets.

6. PANDORA Open Bangle Bracelet 596477

Price: $70.40

This open bangle in sterling silver has a smooth finish and comes with two stoppers with silicone grips and end caps engraved with the Pandora logo. It is an ideal bracelet for chic and classic stylings. You can add as many as your favorite charms for a unique look, but it looks great individually. This bangle bracelet gives you the ability to customize your bracelet size and styling with interchangeable end caps. You simply have to push and twist the end caps to adjust accordingly.

7. PANDORA Black Braided Double-Leather Charm Bracelet

Price: $40.00

This black double-layer, woven leather bracelet with sterling silver round clasp gives a chic look to your overall style and is a must-have to add to your bracelet collection. It can be worn simply to have an edgy look, or you can add a few charms to make it personalized!

8. PANDORA Family Heritage Dangle Charm 925 Sterling Silver Charms

Price: $39.99

This family heritage charm shows a beautiful image of how families are connected through many generations. This breathtakingly beautiful family tree dangle charm in sterling silver, with cubic zirconia stone-encrusted leaves and genuine 14k gold detailing, is the perfect symbol of family love and togetherness. You can buy one for your mother, yourself and your daughter to show the value of a strong, bonded family. It also comes in the Rose Gold and 14K Gold collection, so you have various options to choose from.

9. PANDORA Devoted Dog Charm 925

Price: $14.49

Surely your doggo has come a long way with you and plays a big part in your life. To show some love and respect to your buddy, this devoted dog charm is a perfect token of loyalty and friendship. It has an adorable sterling silver design that makes it look cute and realistic like our buddies. You can buy one for yourself and one for your little buddy to put in his collar for showing off a cool charm duo.

10. PANDORA The Kiss My Beautiful Wife Forever and Always Dangle 925

Price: $14.99

No one deserves more love and appreciation in your life more than your wife after you get married. This sweet engraved sterling silver dangling locket charm can be the perfect gift for your wedding anniversary or valentine’s day for letting your wonderful wife know how much you love and cherish her.

11. Pandora Women's 791289 Happy Birthday Charm

Price: $39.60

What better gift on a birthday than a delicious birthday cake? A wonderful birthday cake charm that looks good enough to eat! This charm is crafted from sterling silver and ornamented with roses, with a “Happy Birthday” engraved into the side to make the woman in your life simply amazed.

Best Selling Pandora Charms

PANDORA Brilliant Bow Oversize Charm 797241CZ Detail
Pandora Sterling Silver Lucky Day Dangle Charm 792089CZ Detail
Pandora Galaxy Silver Charm Royal Blue Crystal & Cubic Zirconia 796361NCB Detail
PANDORA Glitter Ball Charm 796327en146 Detail
PANDORA Love Makes A Family Dangle Charm 796459EN28 Detail
Pandora Aqua Enchantment Charm in Sterling Silver & Blue Enamel 797091EN155 Detail
PANDORA Radiant Hearts Charm 791725N Detail
Pandora Two Hearts Silver Charm with Clear Cubic Zirconia 796560CZ Detail
Pandora Heart of Winter Silver Dangle Charm with Cubic Zirconia CZ796372CZ Detail


There is simply no woman out there who will not be thrilled by a beautiful piece of jewelry and Pandora’s personalized bracelets can really make any woman’s day. These bracelets make an eternal gift without costing you an arm and leg. They are affordable, high quality, long lasting and can be worn anywhere anytime. Basically, they have everything that women wish to have in a decent piece of jewelry.

All those men who find buying a gift for their wife extremely exasperating, don’t worry as Pandora bracelets are there for your rescue. Your wife will love you for putting the thoughts in choosing all those colorful charms for her.

No gift can be more personal than a stunning, custom-made bracelet. If you’re looking for a worthy gift for your wife, mother, daughter or girlfriend, then we can guarantee you that Pandora bracelets will not disappoint them.

Reviewer: Agelina Smith

Best Pandora Bracelets For Bridesmaids

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