Best Commuter and Hiking Backpacks for Men

Say goodbye to the boring black color backpacks! Generally, when people commute to work, they intend to take as few items as possible, but even so, They still carry wallet, mobile phone, keys, snacks, laptop, etc. You need a good backpack to hold these items for your daily commute or weekend outdoor hiking.

Many people’s impression of the outdoor backpack still stays in that kind of bulky style. In fact, many outdoor backpack brands have very stylish and practical product lines, their backpacks are suitable for daily commuting as well as outdoor activities. They are simple, stylish and easy to carry. Today, we will share some of the best commuter and hiking backpacks for men. If you are looking for stylish backpacks for your girlfriend, please checkout our Best Doughnut Bag & Backpack article.

Mystery Ranch

Mystery Ranch

Mystery Ranch was founded in the snow and ice of Montana in the north west of United States. The harsh environment has created a high-quality brand. Mystery Ranch has become a designated buyer for the United States Navy, including the Navy Seals and Delta Specialties. Its innovative design concept and exquisite craftsmanship are well received in the industry.

Mystery Ranch Urban Assault Backpack Coyote

Urban Assault is Mystery Ranch’s flagship product. Its unique three-way zipper design not only creates a unique shape, but also enables quick opening of the backpack and quick access to the items in the backpack.

The main fabric is made of 500D CORDURA fabric, and the inner layer has pockets in different locations. Fixed back panel, mesh fabric, breathable burden. It is easy to hold a 15-inch laptop.

Mystery Ranch Booty Bag Backpack

Booty Bag is another popular product in Urban Assault, it is commonly known as the grocery shopping bag, it uses a wear-resistant nylon material.

One of the unique feature is the automatic close system, while carrying the strap, the backpack automatically closes the opening, you don’t need to pull the zipper. This backpack is very suitable for school, work, or short trip.



Boreas is an emerging outdoor backpacking brand from the Bay Area, California. Although the brand was founded in 2010, its simple, lightweight, practical product concept and excellent product quality have won multiple outdoor awards. In the outdoor backpack field, it’s reputation is very high. In fact, not only in the outdoor sports field, but in the commuter backpack market, Borers is also a very well known brand. Affected by the Bay Area riding culture, Bores is more suitable for folks who are riders.

Boreas Bolinas Backpack - Obsidian Black

Bolinas is very suitable for cycling commuting programers, wear-resistant nylon, lightweight and durable; Super-Tramp adjustable back frame design, can be switched between high-strength breathable and traditional stable load.

On both sides are the reflective details of the iconic hexagonal plum, increasing nighttime travel safety. Its large capacity can hold a 17-inch laptops. Overall this backpack is large, it is recommended for taller men.

Boreas Men's Buttermilks 40 Liter Internal Frame Backpacks

Light and uncomplicated. They’re designed for those who want to move really, really fast and those who think it’s just plain crazy to carry heavy things around in the woods. A great blend of suspension, structure and weight conscious materials.

Fabrics: 100D Robic triple rip stop nylon body with UTS impregnated silicone coating and a tough 420D nylon bottom.

Suspension: shaped, molded EVA z-foam back panel pumps air behind back as you walk; removable, shaped die-cut PE frame sheet with easy-access handle.

Body: applied PU ribcage construction provides lightweight structure, full-face front stretch-fabric pocket, two-stretch fabric side pockets, dual daisy chains that tuck away when not in use, hydration compatible, rain cover included, two hip belt pockets, hidden gear loops on shoulder straps.



Osprey is equivalent to the backpack of Apple in the smartphone industry. It also comes from California, USA. His product line includes outdoor backpacks, including urban commuter postal parcels, consignments and camel packs. A variety of backpacks have won numerous awards from magazines such as Outside, Backpacker, and National Geographic.

Osprey Packs Daylite Daypack

Daylite Plus is also one of my favorite backpack. It is suitable for daily commuting. The unique front compartment design is light and practical. Ergonomically-designed foam back panel with vented slots.

The backpack feels light and comfortable. Breathable mesh shoulder straps are integrated into the body to create a one-piece fit. The shoulder straps are filled with EVA punched foam to fit the person’s body shape. It is a good choice for office workers.

Osprey Packs Momentum 32 Daypack

Momentum is another backpack that is more suitable for commuting. This model equipped with a detachable belt. It can also be used as a notebook shoulder bag, which makes daily use more refreshing. The body is made of 420D Nylon, which is equipped with AirScape aerial backboard.

It is composed of wavy foam pad + net cloth, it is light and airy. It comes with rain cover, this backpack can accommodate notebooks. LidLock Helmet clip is convenient for external helmets. it is recommended for riding commuters.


Commuting is a process that every office worker goes through every day. If you are in the market of looking for a great backpack to work. I sincerely recommend these backpacks for your busy daily commuting.

Best Commuter and Hiking Backpacks

Model Price Rating
Mystery Ranch Urban Assault Backpack Coyote $271.00 5.0 Detail
Mystery Ranch Booty Bag Backpack $125.19 5.0 Detail
Boreas Bolinas Backpack - Obsidian Black $284.21 4.5 Detail
Boreas Men's Buttermilks 40 Liter Internal Frame Backpacks $124.93 3.1 Detail
Osprey Packs Daylite Daypack $50.00 4.5 Detail
Osprey Packs Momentum 32 Daypack $131.15 4.5 Detail
Reviewer: Guo Huang

Best Commuter and Hiking Backpacks for Men

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