5 Best Commercial Walk Behind Mower 2020

Whether you are a professional lawn mower or a homeowner who likes to keep his front lawn nifty, having a commercial-grade, reliable lawn mower makes your task easy and less hectic. Good lawn mowers do not need much maintenance costs and give excellent quality results even for a light trim, making them a good life-long investment for your lawn and backyard.

Choosing the right commercial mower can be pretty confusing if you’re a first-time buyer. We have developed this user’s guide by picking 5 best commercial walk behind mowers depending on their outstanding features, so you can easily choose the one that best fits your needs. Let’s get to it!

Best Commercial Walk Behind Mower

1. Turf Beast 26FB3M18 208cc Self Propelled Walk Behind Finish Mower

Price: $869.99

The TURF BEAST Dual Hydro is one of the best commercial grade lawn mowers on the market right now for users that need high-power, robustness and a professional look of their lawns. If maintained properly, this machine can even last a life-time. When it comes to the TURF BEAST’s features, it is a powered by a 22 HP (653cc) Subaru EH65V commercial-grade engine, jam-packed with an electric start capability, making it really a beast mower for large property owners and commercial landscapers alike.

Besides having a jam-packed engine, it comprises of a large-capacity air cleaning system for maximum protection against dust and grime and a full-pressure lubrication system that makes the oil pressure inside the engine low, resulting in a prolonged engine life. It’s dual hydro static transmission drive makes the mower very easy to use offering greater maneuverability and speed control. The dual system can speed up to 8 MPH, cutting grass much faster than an average walk-behind lawnmower. It has a 54” quick-adjusting floating deck with variable height from 4.5 to 1.5 inches for more even and smooth cuts. Although it is a walk behind mower, but it comes with an attachment and can be used as a stand on mower for greater comfort and efficiency.

  • Powerful engine that can run for hours
  • Cuts more grass in less time
  • Robustness and durability in design
  • Noise while running
  • May show inconsistency in performance if it isn’t maintained properly

2. Z-BEAST 62ZBBM18 62” 25 HP Zero Turn

Price: $4999.99

Looking for a real heavy-duty commercial walk behind mower that’ll do most of your job for you? The Z-Beast 62-inch Zero Turn Commercial Mower is your answer for stepping up your mowing game then. It is powered by a 25 HP commercial turf engine of Briggs and Stratton and a 62-inch cutting width for a beastly performance and more area coverage in less time than any commercial grade mowers in the market. The hydrostatic drive system is designed for high speed and greater maneuverability, making it suitable for larger lots and commercial uses.

This beast-of-a-mower is extremely high built and fortified with lots of extra features such as halogen headlights for an extended work time, a 7-gauge hardened steel, quick-adjustment floating deck, rear tires for superior traction, and a safety belt for durability. This device is a highly dependable, commercial grade equipment for anyone who wants extra performance, high speed and durability.

  • High grade and robust mower with speedy mowing
  • Increased cutting width
  • 25 HP highly efficient engine
  • Safety belt
  • Takes effort and time in start-up
  • Slips a little bit on uneven terrains

3. SWISHER WBRC11524 Predator Rough Cut

Price: $1,964.95

The 24-inch Swisher WBRC11524 Predator Walk Behind Rough Cut Mower is a perfect option for mowing dense fields and hard terrains such as woods and ditches. It features a gas-powered Stratton engine and 11.5 HP Briggs with an Anti-Vibration System (AVS) for durability and smooth functionality. Its powerful engine and hardened steel surface with rough blades offer a highly efficient rough cut that will clear the deepest undergrowth and sprouts having approximately up to 1-1/2 inches diameter. The cutting blade is enclosed for maximum protection. It is a self-propelled device along with a tough cutting deck which offers 1-3/4” cutting height range for an evenly looking cut.

Large pneumatic chevron tires move effortlessly over uneven terrains for an improved traction in all conditions. This mower’s four-speed transmission offers a comfortable pace to the mower and it also comes with a reverse mode for going back to any leftover rough spots. Adjustable handlebar height makes it easy to set the mower according to your own needs. Wire shield and safety deflectors are placed on the front side of the product for protection against any dust or flying debris. If you’re looking for an easy to operate, affordable and durable machine, then you’re not going to find a better product than this.

  • Heavy duty performance on uneven terrains
  • Easy to operate
  • Affordability and durability
  • Handlebar may be poorly assembled
  • Rubber on the handlebar does not deliver strong grip

4. Black and Decker MM2000 Walk Behind Corded

Price: $194.99

The Black + Decker MM2000 20-inch walk behind is an electric mower that offers a steady and instant electric power start that does not require any physical effort. It features a powerful 13 Ah battery capacity that can go through a long and effective mowing session including bagging, mulching and side discharging. The sporty EdgeMax deck design allows a fast and clean up-close cutting for an even and trimmed look even of minute areas and close corners. A 20-inch cutting width makes mowing of small to medium lots very fast and easy.

Other noticeable features of this mower include a 7-setting height adjustment for choosing the height range between 1-1/2 inches to 4 inches for experimenting between different ranges, convenient carrying handles for easy transport and a 13-gallon grass collection bag made from nylon for keeping the remains inside securely. Unlike traditional giant lawn mowers, it does not take much space and can be folded for compact and easy storage. If you’re looking for the efficiency and precision of a gas-powered mower for a low-cost, then Black and Decker MM2000 should be your choice.

  • Does the job efficiently without any noise or toxic gas fumes
  • Fast and up-close trim even in small corners
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Cutting width may be small for larger lots
  • The catch bag may tear easily, according to some users

5. Honda HRR216K9VKA 3-in-1 Self-Propelled

Price: $399.00

This light-weight yet powerful and robust mower does the job as efficiently as any high-power, huge walk behind mower. It is a self-propelled and self-charging electric lawn mower that is said to be an extremely powerful mower by its users for its size. It sports an instant start feature, an efficient fuel management system and is powered by Honda’s GCV160 premium engine that is known for offering extreme power, efficient output and years of dependability. Due to its instant start feature and the conventional Honda Auto Choke System, the user does not have to wait for the engine to warm up to start mowing. Just turn it on and get going! It is equally capable of doing its job on a flat or hilly surface alike.

When it comes to cutting grass, the Honda lawn mower features an extremely sharp Twin Blade Micro Cut System that can chop grass and leaves into tiny pieces (more like powdering them) which can potentially reduce the number of bags for collecting the micro-mulched grass. It has a variable speed of 0 to 4 MPH which can be adjusted according to the pace of the user, making lawn mowing a fun chore even for kids. Its cutting height adjustment ranges from 1 inch to 3 ½ inches for a sleek and even cut and its large 8-inch wheels with rear balls make traction smooth and easy even on a bumpy terrain. This mower can be considered as an over-all operational, easy-to-use, commercial value mower.

  • A smart device featuring self charging
  • Easy to operate
  • Starts instantly without any effort
  • Cuts grass into very tiny pieces
  • May not prove to be long lasting, as claimed by some users

Final thoughts

Hopefully our guide on the best commercial walk behind mower will help you in getting your mowing buddy. We have looked into each mower’s features in detail for a thorough review of the products. Whichever mower you decide to buy will work efficiently as each one of them has their own specific qualities.

Happy mowing!😊

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5 Best Commercial Walk Behind Mower 2018
Model Rating Price
Turf Beast 26FB3M18 208cc Self Propelled Walk Behind Finish Mower 2.0 $869.99 Detail
Z-BEAST 62ZBBM18 62” 25 HP Zero Turn 4.4 $4999.99 Detail
SWISHER WBRC11524 Predator Rough Cut 3.8 $1,964.95 Detail
Black and Decker MM2000 Walk Behind Corded 4.0 $194.99 Detail
Honda HRR216K9VKA 3-in-1 Self-Propelled 4.7 $399.00 Detail
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5 Best Commercial Walk Behind Mower 2020

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