Best Adidas Running Shoes 2020

Since 1949, Adidas has been ruling the market of sportswear and no other company has gained quite the impact as this one. Although the shoe factory of the German Dassler brothers was founded in 1924, the company formed its present-day profile in 1949. For years, athletes wore this brand and have won countless tournaments including Lina Radke, who won a gold medal at the 1928 Olympics and Jesse Owens in 1936.

The founder of the company, Adi Dassler, was committed in making innovative and high-performance shoes that would address the real needs of athletes and sportsmen. Soon the brand didn’t just remain popular between athletes but grew into a household name due to continuous improvement in the designs that could be worn by anyone. Now-a-days you’ll see every other person, men and women alike, wearing a pair of these at the gym or while making a run.

Why Adidas makes better shoes than any other brand?

There are plenty of brands out there that are older than Adidas and make good quality sports shoes, but Adidas just wins the battle due to its creative technology. These shoes offer high-level comfort and their Boost technology in the Yeezy line has swoon everyone away in the past 5 years. It is one of the most comfortable sole materials on the market right now. Don’t trust us? Go to your nearest store and find out yourself. We can guarantee you that you won’t be disappointed.

While other brands tend to fall apart easily, Adidas shoes are very durable and last longer than any other sports shoes. They are the most popular among the young generation who can be really picky when it comes to style, comfort and durability.

How the design of Adidas shoes makes them the best?

Besides offering comfort in their soles, Adidas has made a fusion of style and uniqueness in the upper parts of the shoes as well. Mostly, uppers are shaped from several pieces of material as it is not easy to get the shape required from one piece of fabric. However, Adidas has designed an amazing shoe that flaunts a seamless upper which gives a greater sense of style and flexibility.

Not just the shoe, the logo of Adidas also performed a function in providing better support and stability to the shoe. Initially, the famous Three Stripes were added to the upper to hold the shoe together and make it firmer and sturdy. This shows the dedication of Adi Dassler, that he was more focused in making comfortable and high-quality sportswear rather than spending time on some expensive design and doing marketing strategies.

Best Adidas running/workout shoes:

The best running/workout shoes offer comfort, full-support and less impact on your body. Luckily Adidas has been carving out all these qualities in their designs. So, whether you need a pair of running shoes for your weekly run or challenging yourself in the marathon, Adidas has got you covered. Before showing our recommendation of adidas running shoes, do you know your foot type? do you know how to choose a running shoe? if not, please check out our article on how to choose running shoes.

Here we are listing five of our top picks of the best running/workout shoes. Check it out and find your best one!

Best Adidas Running Shoes

1. Adidas Women's Ultraboost W Running Shoe

If you’re looking for a shoe that will help you go through those long, unplanned runs or even marathons, then this shoe is your best option. Adidas Ultra Boost is described as “clouds feeling on your feet” by its consumers. It is super comfortable and highly durable. It features the famous boost cushioning system which makes your feet feel light and relaxed even after a long run. It has a waterline layer in the bottom part of the mesh which quite efficiently, keeps the water off.

This shoe has a soft and overall comfy look, so you can easily wear it casually. It also has a protective forefoot section that will save your toes from getting blisters.

2. Adidas Adizero Boston Boost 6

Extremely light-weight and comfortable, this shoe will last your long run as well as your furious gym session. It has a great mid-sole cushioning system by which you can easily cushion the heel-strike. It endures amazing flexibility which gives a pretty great fit especially in the heel sections.

This shoe can easily be categorized as one of the high performance shows for women. There are various colors to choose from this design.

3. Adidas Solar Boost

The Adidas Solar Boost delivers what runners would expect from a running shoe: comfortable, responsive, durable, and efficient. It has a soft midsole that supplies added bounce and reassures a quicker pace and the cushioning offers a firm grip. Its design has an outsole that comes with a broad heel for experiencing a boosted ground feel.

This shoe possesses a breathable and stylish appearance that is appropriate for casual wear as well. However, this comfortable shoe comes with an expensive price which can be a downside for some people.

4. Adidas Ultra Boost X

This shoe is designed to perform on hard terrains, so if you decide to take a run around the neighborhood streets instead of the park, then this shoe would be the perfect choice. It is a light-weight and comfortable shoe designed to perform well on roads.

It has a unique arch design which makes it easy for everyone to find their perfect fit. It comes in many pretty colors and can be worn for daily use.

5. Adidas Supernova

This standard neutral daily trainer from Adidas is a comfortable shoe with enhanced traction system and flexibility. The cushioning is very soft and feels light-weight on the feet. It offers high performance on roads due to its durable build and thicker sole on heel area.

This shoe has remained one number choice for many runners since years. It also comes with a number of attractive color schemes to choose from.


For years, Adidas has kept its promise in delivering high-quality, comfortable and long-lasting shoes to its customers. If you haven’t gotten your pair yet, then what are you waiting for???!!! Are you’re looking for best training shoes? Then fear not, as we’ve sorted you out by selecting some of the best Adidas running/workout shoes. Hurry up! Grab yours now! If you have limited budget, please check out our article about: 6 Best cheap running shoes under $100.

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Best Adidas Running Shoes 2020

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