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As a group of tech geeks, we love to share good things, we do intensive research from the internet to present you the best product information you are looking for. The goal of ThingsReview.com is providing product information as well as the pros and cons, helping you to make purchase decision.

I hope you like the products that we have selected, if you have products that you want to buy but couldn’t find a good review, please contact us info@ThingsReview.com, we will try to write an review for you.

Things Reviewers

Guo Huang (Founder)

Guo Huang is a full-stack developer, husband and father. Guo is responsible for maintaining ThingsReview.com as well as writing tech articles.


Jason is a back-end developer, photographer. Like to find new things on the Internet, happy to share.

Agelina Smith (Senior Writer)

Agelina is an excellent writer with over 4 years of experience in research and blog writing. Agelina can write high quality and informative contents for your website and business.

Contact her if you need content for your website. agelina@ThingsReview.com

Tejas Adesara (Senior Writer)

Tejas Adesara is a freelance content developer and web developer. With 3+ years of experience in writing, Tejas is proficient in research, articles & blogs writing, product reviews writing etc.

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